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10 Great Places To See And Do In Greece

Tired of streets to Paris and London? Maybe you can consider visiting a beautiful country that is full of historical and cultural values, namely Greece. The country that is in continental Europe is not as popular as Paris. However, Greece offers a very priceless beauty of scenery, history, and culture.

Anything in Greece? Does this country feel boring because it is thick with history and mythology? Just relax. Greece is far from the word boring. A fee will prove it in 10 of Greece’s most beautiful and mesmerizing attractions.

10 tourist places in Greece

1. Santorini

Greece’s most famous tourist spot is Santorini, an island in the south of the Aegean Sea, precisely 200 kilometres from the centre of the Greek city. The island is very famous for its sunset panorama and its housing structure on the hill. The buildings are painted in white and appear to be constructed terraced.

Santorini also has three beautiful beaches, namely Red Beach, White Beach, and Caldera Beach. On the island, you can also find souvenir shops and restaurants to discover. In short, Santorini is a cool place for honeymooners.

2. Mykonos

Located just off Santorini, Mykonos is also a tourist spot in Greece’s favorite foreign tourists. You can reach Mykonos by ferry from Santorini for 3 hours. Just like Santorini, Mykonos also has white buildings combining Venetian and Cyladic architecture.

If Santorini is the best place for honeymooners, Mykonos is more suited to serve as a place to have fun with friends. This is due to the night life in Mykonos much more festive than Santorini. Although the cost of living and hotel in Mykonos is quite expensive, but you can find cheap food easily here.

3. The Parthenon

10 Great Places To See And Do In Greece
10 Great Places To See And Do In Greece

Not yet to Greece if you haven’t visited the Parthenon. This temple, built for the goddess of Athens, is a very famous Greek landmark. The classical buildings of the temple are often enshrined in camera lenses or made into Greek souvenir mascot.

The building which was the symbol of ancient Greece was built in 447 BCE. Although the building has been damaged, the Parthenon is a must-visit for foreign tourists who are vacationing in Greece. Your streets are definitely less memorable if you don’t stop by the temple standing above the Acropolis.

4. The Karpathos

The beauty of the sea in Karpathos makes the island located in the southern part of Greece also does not escape the attention of tourists. Not only does it offer the charm of classical Greek buildings, Karpathos also presents clear turquoise sea.

When you visit Karpathos, you can stop by the clean and quiet Damatria Beach making it perfect to complement your honeymoon with your spouse. In addition, Karpathos also has Pigadia Beach which provides a comfortable resort to unwind. Lastly, don’t forget to drop by Kali Limni, the Rock hills that offer a city view from the high altitude.

5. Delphi Stone Theatre

In Greece there are actually several stone theaters which used to be the centre of theatre culture between 220 BCE – 550 BCE. One of the ancient Greek theatres which is now a tourist spot in Greece is a favorite of the tourists in Delphi. Historically, the Rock Theatre at Delphi was built right on the hill from the ruins of the temple of Apollo.

In the first, the Delphi Stone Theatre was used for musical performances, plays, or read Pusi. This place can accommodate up to 5,000 visitors. Well, your trip to Greece is also incomplete if you do not take pictures in the midst of this stone theatre.

6. Athens

There is no need to bother looking for tourist attractions in Greece because the capital city can also be a tourist destination for you. Athens is the capital of Greece. The name of the town is derived from the Greek goddess Athena.

Athena itself is surrounded by four large mountains, Mount Aigaleo to the west, Mount Pentelicus to the northeast, Mount Parnitha to the north, and Mount Hymettus to the east, while south of Athens is the Aegean Sea.

Exploring one of the oldest cities in the world can be a fun and unforgettable tour. Moreover, the city provides a variety of cafés and restaurants with delicious dishes and classic panoramas that you may not find in modern cities, such as New York or Los Angeles.

7. Andros

10 Great Places To See And Do In Greece
10 Great Places To See And Do In Greece

Greece does have a beautiful island that is a pity to be missed for granted. One of the coolest islands in Greece is Andros. The turquoise sea and clean beach are a distinct attraction for the island.

Zorkos Beach on Andros is a clean and beautiful beach and features a nice resort. In addition, Andros also has Waterfalls of Pithara, a breathtaking waterfall that will bring you closer to nature. There is also a Moomba Afterlight, an entertainment venue with a garden setting and an increasingly vibrant beach scene at night.

8. Rhodes

Rhodes is an island in the east of Greece on the Aegean Sea. The island is the largest island in the Dodecanese Island cluster. The distance between Rhodes and Santorini is far from about 300 kilometers. However, the island is quite close to Turkey because it is located 17.7 kilometres (11 mi) west of Turkey.

The island has white buildings such as Santorini, although the number is not as much as Santorini has. In addition, Rhodes also had a 33-metre tall Colossus of Rhodes statue that was the embodiment of the sun god, Helios.

Other attractions you can visit while in Rhodes are the Rhodes fortress, the Acropolis Rhihodes, Ixia Beach and Lindos. Of course you won’t miss a trip to Greece without visiting this historical exotic island.

9. Crete

Crete or known as Crete is the largest island in Greece. Tourist attractions in Greece is the most appropriate jujugan to get closer to the Greek mythology. In Crete there are many famous archaeological sites, such as Knossos, Phaistos, Gortyn, and many others.

The famous tourist spot in Crete is Rethymnon Old Town, a beautiful Old Town tour by the beach. In addition, Crete also has Spinalonga (Kalydon) which is a small island with a classical building full of historical values.

10. Mount Athos

Don’t forget to visit Mount Athos when you are on vacation to Greece. It is a World heritage site located in the north of Greece. Unfortunately, only male-sex tourists can enter this mountain.

Why are only males allowed to enter Mount Athos? The reason, on the east side of the mountain is a monastery that holds 1,400 Orthodox monks. This place is regarded as sacred and is considered sacred because it is a place for monks who want to be away from the modern world.

Anyway, would you say you are prepared to begin your voyage in Greece? The 10 vacation spots in Greece can be a reference for the individuals who need to travel there.